IMG_0353We regret to announce that John H. Lee jr. LMHC recently passed away and his office is now closed.

If you were referred to him through your insurance company or an employer EAP, please contact them for referral to another therapist.

If you were a private client, you may self refer to the therapist of your choice. If you wish, you may contact Rebecca Perry LMHC, LMFT, 561-853-2182, at the same location.  We’ll forever miss him.

Till we meet again.



Many times people find themselves lost and not sure what to do. They  fear or are reluctant in asking for help especially because of the stigma attached to counseling.  However. counseling  is proven to be a life changing experience for the majority of people. 

Be assured that Jack provides counseling in a safe, warm, non-judgmental and confidential environment.


1) Do you feel irritable, stressed or overwhelmed?

2) Do you have trouble sleeping?  

3) Do you avoid friends and family?  

4) Do you have feelings of hopelessness and thoughts like,  “I just wish it would end?”  

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions…you may be suffering from depression or anxiety.  With Jack’s help you may be able to identify what the problem is and together come up with a plan or a therapy approach to find your way back into life.

Through the years, Jack has added many techniques to his tool box in his quest to find improved ways to help others. Some of these include EMDR, Hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. All three approaches are excellent for treating Anxiety, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and unresolved past issues.

Don’t delay in improving the quality of your life for many have benefited from counseling. A quick phone call to Jack Lee LMHC today at 561-309-4140 can start the road to a brighter future.  His office is conveniently located close to I-95 and Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Jack is looking forward to helping you very soon.

Jack also offers clinical supervision for mental health counseling interns for licensure.

What people are saying about their experience?

“Jack truly helped me during a very confusing and difficult period. I would recommend him to anyone and for any age. He is intuitive, kind and still to-the-point.”

“Over the years, I have been to a few therapists and never felt like any good came out of it. For the first time in my life, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jack is an incredible person, he actually listens and cares!!”

“Jack really helped me change! . He truly understands, he is truely non judgmental and he respects me as I have me and my emotional struggles. He really touched my heart! There is no one like him! He was the best thing to come into my life! I have been to many Therapists and felt now one listened and knew what to do as he did! He was the first to really know how to help. He really helped me understand and helped me learn how to cope with PTSD He is the first I have met that truely knows and understands PTSD.”

You really helped me through this tough period in my life! You taught me how to feel better about myself and that it is ok to express my needs and set boundary’s.” J.S. 

“You be the man” You were there when I thought it was all over” “You taught me about my illness adn helped me cope when I faced being homeless.” GF

“Your therapeutic suggestions have been invaluable to me in helping me deal with my chronic pain issues. The most positive and effective strategy you have taught me was the self-hypnosis technique; this technique allows me to refocus, reduce, and take my mind off my back and leg pain. On a pain scale of one to ten, what was once a ten prior to counseling is now a five or six; therefore, my perception of pain has been reduced fifty per cent as a direct result of our sessions. I am now once again free to experience the beauty of life, because I am not as limited in my daily activities. Also, a bonus is that my depression seems to have lifted, and I am laughing again.”
With sincere thanks

“Jack…You really changed my life. I was going on a downward spiral until I began seeing you Thanks for helpingt me get my life back.”


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