Addiction and “Powerlessness”


I have been counseling people who have addictions for the last 20 years. Just how far does 0ne have to fall! Just how much does a person have to lose before one truly admits to “I am Powerless” For years, I have worked with “Addicts” who insist “Alcohol isn’t my problem.” Well then why were you sleeping in the front yard “naked”! Response: Sombody must have put somthing in my drink and the story goes on and on!  Tragedies and deaths that could have been avoided by just admitting “I am powerless over all mood altering substances”  ” I need help and I will do what ever it takes!”

I read an interesting newsletter today asking this exact question.  Why is admitting I am powerless so hard?

Greetings!No matter how long I continue to counsel families struggling with substance abuse, the one concept that comes up again and again is that of being “powerless over alcohol.” People with years of sobriety fall prey to the big lie that seduces them into believing they can drink again socially.

Others still struggle to come to terms with……..

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There can never be enough literature on the life crisis between “I can handle it It’s not that bed” and Admitting being Powerless!

John Lee, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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