EMDR Treatment

Jack Lee LMHC can provide a highly successful Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety issues. 

 EMDR can often trigger the brain into an unique healing process. When problems or troubling issues begin to haunt us, the emotional part of the brain activates while the rational part of the brain shuts down. This type of therapy can activate both the rational and the emotional parts of the brain to heal the wounds.

Do you or a love one ever say or have thoughts like “I’m not good enough, I’ll never amount to anything, I must be in control or something bad will happen!” or negative emotions?

Irrational beliefs can often follow an individual throughout their lives and will keep a person from growing and enjoying life.  Jack Lee’s therapy with EMDR can help to resolve these issues in a safe and nuturing environment.  While therapy isn’t a magic fix for everyone many that Jack Lee have treated have had positive and even life changing outcomes.

1) Do you find yourself having destructive or negative thoughts or feeling?

2) Have you found youself over-reacting to events that remind you of the past?

3) Do you become easily startled and at times can’t stand to be touched?

4) Do you feel things are getting in the way of your life and happiness because of a prior negative life experience?

You may be experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and may benefit from EMDR therapy. 

Jack Lee also provides clinical hypnotherapy which is  a very effective treatment for PTSD and most anxiety based issues.

To find out more about EMDR give Jack Lee LMHC a call at 561 309 4140.

For references and research on EMDR go to  http://www.emdrnetwork.org/family.html  , where Jack (John) H. Lee is listed as a highly trained EMDR therapist.