Her Crime Helping her Nephew Her price Being violently murdered in her 80’s

I was absolutely shocked when I saw Ann Branson on Americas Most Wanted as a Victim. AS a kid She was our neighbor and a very loving person very kind to the neighborhood kids. She was from Ky and had a Dairy Queen. Her nephew kept asking for more and more money and she cut him  off for which she was violently murdered.

The real message is don’t give money to relatives who use drugs or who are gambling. Helping addicts seems like a loving thing to do. Many say how can I turn my back on my son? Well by enabling and keeping them from their consequences the disease of addiction grows as it did with Ann’s nephew. Please read the book of her beautiful life and her tragic end

Check out the book http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Mayberry-Greed-Death-Mayhem/dp/0882823256

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  1. John Lee LMHC Says:

    Thank you for the comment. The victim in this case was my neighbor. Both her and her husband wintered here in Boynton Beach Fl in the middle 60’s.. I was in complete and utter shock when Amerrica’s Most Wanted came on with the story of Ann Branson a few years ago as I have very found memories of herr as a child. Such a cruel payback for her generosity. They found her nephew (the murderer) in Costa Rica and is now in jail for life.

  2. John Lee LMHC Says:

    On this article, the victim Ann Branson was my childhood neighbor. I knew the story and wrote it with the blessings of her family.

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