Loosening the grip of PTSD and Realizing Serenity














You don’t have to let PTSD control your life! You don’t have to live a life of distress! Learn to relate to the energy behind the PTSD reactions by retraining your brain to respond rather than react!  By using core mindfullness techniques. PTSD is a reaction based illness. The illness of PTSD takes over through reacting to similar events.  John Lee LMHC has taught many PTSD clients to practice self affirmations, self hypnosis and core mindfulness techniques. Those who have practiced the skills learn how to have more control over their minds and to respond rather than allowing a PTSD reaction to take over!

Learn how to have a more serene life! Call John Lee LMHC today!  561 309 4140. John provides long distance phone core mindfulness training!

Either call or see John in his office!  John is also an expert PTSD writer and his articles can be found on www.goodtherapy.org

John is a member of Florida Society of Clinical Hyponosis! This society is recognized by the American Medical Assoication. John has had advanced training in medical hypnotherapy!

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